Road Train

T'rent delivered a special road train to the Dutch transport company Jos Heeren Transport, Hilvarenbeek. Together with the German-based manufacturer H&W, Vreden, we searched for the perfect solution. T’rent strives to invent and develop efficient transport solutions. Main issue during the developing process was to find a combination of which the tractor could handle the coupled semi-trailers independent of each other without special modifications. The result is a standard lowdeck tractor and self-steering B-Double trailer. This trailer is equipped with an 8.10 m swap body and a fifth wheel to couple a 13.60 m mega trailer. The road train is equipped as load-through combination. The backwards loading and unloading of the sole swap body can easily be done by positioning the swap body at the rear twistlocks. Because of the Gooseneck principle a maximum inside height of the swap body is made possible. The road train combination has a GVW of 57,5 tons and can carry 39 tons nett on Dutch roads.



T’rent delivers a special  B-Double

Together with T'rent, the Limburg transport company Kuypers Neer has developed a special road train. T'rent is partner in the realization of transport solutions which are efficient and environmentally friendly. The main demand in this development was to build a combination of which the tractor, without any adaptions, could handle both semi-trailers independent of each other, with or without portable forklift.   The result: a low deck tractor, a B-double trailer with swap body and a "standard" mega trailer, completed with a portable forklift, all together within 25,25 metres. In order to load or unload the swap body, this can be easily placed at the last twist lock position. This road train combination with a GVW of 57,5 tons, is mainly used by Kuypers Neer for the transport of building materials, insulating materials and packaging materials and is yet another proof that this company has well deserved her 2nd Lean and Green Star.